Otto Winklhofer (1900-1990), Commercial Director at iwis from 1933 to 1975.

Otto Winklhofer

Dr. Rudolf Winklhofer (1890-1977), mechanical engineer and chemistry graduate, Technical Director from 1934 onwards.

Rudolf Winklhofer

Under new management

Johann Baptist Winklhofer's youngest son Otto becomes the new Commercial Director on August 1st, 1933 and quickly assumes more and more responsibility in the family company. On December 1st, 1934 he is joined in Munich by his brother Rudolf as Technical Director, who leaves his previous post as Plant Manager at the Wanderer Material Testing Centre in Chemnitz. In the years to come, he will be the driving force behind the development of JWIS chains. The significance of products manufactured in-house grows considerably after the dissolution of the sales departments, with iwis stepping up its production of bicycle and motorcycle chains, in particular.