The iwis booth at the IAA Frankfurt motor show through the ages: 1957 ...

IAA 1957

and 1973.

IAA 1973

Still true to the Hannover Messe exhibition: here in 2007.

Hannover Messe 2007

To this day, iwis is still a regular exhibitor. Here is the booth in 2015.

iwis-booth 2015

The iwis motorsysteme booth at last year’s Motorensymposium engine technology exhibition in Vienna.

Motorsymposium 2015

In 2015, our Chinese subsidiary iwis drive systems presented in Shanghai its products and services.

iShanghai 2015

iwis also had a booth at the “Symposium on International Automotive Technology 2015” (SIAT for short) in India.

SIAT 2015

Cars instead of bicycles

Production of bicycle chains ends in 1966. iwis celebrates its 50th anniversary with pride: the company is now Germany’s largest manufacturer of camshaft drive timing chains for car engines.

Business relations with BMW date back to before World War Two. In 1951 iwis succeeds in gaining Daimler-Benz as a customer for duplex timing chains. The first orders for Opel Kadett engine timing chains are placed in 1962, followed by Porsche and NSU Werke AG in 1964. One of the overriding topics in the 1960s is the shortage of skilled labour. iwis even offers cash incentives for the recruitment of new apprentices. One of the consequences of this development is the arrival of so-called Gastarbeiter, migrant workers from southern Europe.